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Zhang Xiaohui, Director of Dongying Science and Technology Bureau, visited Hongsheng Rubber Technology Co., Ltd

  On June 14,Zhang Xiaohui,director of Dongying Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,and his delegation went to Hongsheng Rubber Technology Co.,Ltd.for research and innovation,accompanied by Li Meilin,deputy county head of Guangrao County,Liu Peihai,director of Science and Technology Bureau,Chen Yinpeng,secretary of the Party Committee of Dawang Town,Zhang Zhijun,deputy general manager of the Group,and Chen Jianjun,general manager of Hongsheng Rubber Technology.
  During the survey,Zhang Xiaohui and his delegation successively visited the laboratory and production workshop,learned about the company's production operation,scientific and technological research and development,learned about the difficulties encountered by the enterprise,and explained the relevant policies.Zhang Xiaohui pointed out that affected by the epidemic situation and geographical environment,enterprises are facing a volatile,complex and turbulent business environment,and many enterprises have encountered bottlenecks in their development.In this regard,the city's science and technology management departments improve service efficiency for enterprises,help enterprises to relieve difficulties,provide scientific and technological support for the steady development of enterprises,and encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development.