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Huasheng Rubber Group Certification Series Report

  Huasheng Rubber Group(Huasheng,Hongsheng Technology Factory)successfully passed the supervision and inspection of CCC certification in 2022 and the supervision and inspection of mandatory CCC certification activities of tire products in 2022 organized by Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration.
  On August 2,Beijing Sinochem United Certification Co.,Ltd.conducted CCC mandatory product certification and annual supervision and inspection of Guotui green tire product certification for Huasheng Rubber Group(Huasheng,Hongsheng Technology Factory).The general manager,management representative,quality and certification technical director and department heads participated in the audit.

  The main contents of inspection:strict,meticulous and professional inspection has been carried out on production consistency control,product design,change management,procurement supplier management,documented information,green product production and control,product inspection,etc.With the active cooperation of all departments,Beijing Sinochem United Certification Co.,Ltd.highly affirmed and recognized Huasheng Rubber Group,which was effective on the whole and passed the factory inspection smoothly.
  On August 24,Shandong Provincial Market Supervision Administration entrusted two experts from Qingdao Institute of Product Quality Inspection to conduct a surprise supervision and inspection on the effectiveness of CCC certification activities in Hongsheng Science and Technology Factory of Huasheng Rubber Group.The audit experts highly recognized the compliance and effectiveness of the company's CCC mandatory product certification activities.
  The full name of CCC certification is"China Compulsory Certification",and its English name is China Compulsory Certification,abbreviated as CCC.It is a product conformity assessment system implemented by the Chinese government in accordance with laws and regulations to protect consumers'personal safety and national security,strengthen product quality management.
  The company will take this inspection as an opportunity to strengthen the control of product consistency and continuously improve the management level of quality and product consistency.Practicing the manufacturing concept of"craftsmanship,quality and future enjoyment"of Huasheng Rubber Group,Huasheng Rubber Group adheres to the main business of"making solid,strong and excellent"tires,and constantly develops new products that fully meet the market demand through the application of new technologies,new processes,new materials and new equipment,so as to provide our customers with more valuable system services.

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