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Consolidate the Quality Management Foundation and Promote the Construction of a Quality Powered Enterprise | | Huasheng Rubber Group solidly carries out quality month activities

  As a high-tech group company focusing on rubber products and strengthening the tire industry, Huasheng Rubber Group always regards quality as the life of the enterprise, implements the main responsibility of quality, and actively carries out quality improvement activities. During the "Quality Month" in 2022, the group company took many measures to carry out rich content A variety of "Quality Month" activities.

  Strengthen the construction of quality culture:Establish a leading group for the "Quality Month" activity, organize the launch meeting of the "Quality Month" activity, uniformly deploy, arrange and formulate the overall activity plan for issuing the "Quality Month". All branches attach great importance to and carefully organize, promote the craftsman spirit, publicize the quality concept, and establish a quality culture of quality first through various forms such as the quality month mobilization meeting, quality commitment signature, hanging quality slogans, quality essay speeches, internal newspapers, official account, etc, It has created a positive atmosphere for "Quality Month" activities.

  Organize special quality activities:All branches actively carry out quality special activities such as post skill competition, quality knowledge competition, process technology exchange, etc., to promote the spirit of craftsmanship and strengthen the sense of responsibility. The workshop focused on basic quality management, carried out spot inspection of basic items, special inspection of key items, equipment accuracy confirmation and standard operation training, advocated the implementation of the three principles of "not accepting nonconforming products, not manufacturing nonconforming products, and not transferring nonconforming products", strengthened compliance with the three inspection systems of "self inspection, mutual inspection, and special inspection", and the implementation of special quality activities enhanced the quality awareness of all staff, and improved their job skills, It has formed a good atmosphere of becoming a craftsman of Huasheng, strengthened the workshop quality control, promoted the improvement of compliance with the basic quality order, and laid a solid foundation for the stability of product quality.

  Continuous implementation of QMC review:During the "Quality Month", the Quality Operation Department organized the QMC review, which was based on the Group's R&D Center and participated by all branches. The multi-dimensional review was carried out for each department and workshop from the aspects of error prevention system construction, quality system application, quality goal realization, evaluation discovery and improvement, workshop on-site scoring and special evaluation. This review was positively responded by managers at all levels, with a total of 1422 error prevention spot checks, 288 quality system audits, 597 special evaluations, 170 evaluations and verifications, and 78 new improvements were proposed. The continuous implementation of QMC review activities has promoted the exchange and learning between factories, created a good atmosphere for continuous improvement, and promoted the continuous improvement of quality and manufacturing capabilities.

  Carry out TFT group activities:Centering on the manufacturing concept of "craftsmanship, quality and future", guided by customer demand, focusing on cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, quality and quantity assurance, the Group companies have actively established 21 TFT improvement teams. Each team, based on the principle of "teamwork and overcoming difficulties", has carried out planned research activities around an improvement theme, actively improved key and difficult issues, and through the efforts of the first stage, Some groups have achieved good results.

  The quality development strategic plan of "quality first, quality powerful" points out the direction of improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise. Huasheng Rubber Group will always regard quality as the life of the enterprise, establish a strong sense of quality first, constantly improve the quality management level, and practice the manufacturing concept of "ingenuity quality • quality for the future" of Huasheng Rubber Group with more practical actions.