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Scientific and technological innovation+standard strategy promotes industrial upgrading

  Guangrao News Recently,the Chinese national standard"Green Product Evaluation Tires"drafted by Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group and the group standard of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation"Scratch Resistance Test Method for Passenger Car Tires"were officially released.As the chairman of Dongying Rubber Tire Industry Intellectual Property Protection Alliance,Huasheng Rubber has participated in the formulation and revision of 28 standards since 2018,including 25 national standards and 3 group standards.
  In recent years,Guangrao County has actively guided enterprises to participate in the formulation and revision of national standards and industrial standards,allowing more enterprises to promote technological standard innovation through the implementation of standardization strategy and seize the right to speak in the industry.At present,15 units have participated in the formulation and revision of 74 standards including international standards,national standards and industrial standards,including 2 international standards,58 national standards and 14 industrial standards.