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Guangrao's transformation and development unleashes momentum and strives to be the first

  Ten years of hard work,ten years of brilliant changes.
  Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China(CPC),Guangrao County has been cohesive,tenacious,hardworking,responsible and enterprising,promoting a series of trend,key and turning changes in all aspects and fields.
  In the past ten years,in the face of dramatic changes in the international and domestic situation,especially the severe impact of the epidemic in the past three years,Guangrao has always been firm in its goals,worked hard to climb the slope and overcome the obstacles,adjusted its working strategies according to time and circumstances,and maintained a good momentum of steady and rising economic and social development;
  Over the past ten years,Guangrao people have seized every major development opportunity in the new era,worked hard to create new roads and new situations,wrote a magnificent chapter of high-quality development in the new era,and handed in an extraordinary answer;
  Over the past ten years,Guangrao's annual GDP has gradually exceeded 70 billion yuan,the general public budget has gradually exceeded 4 billion yuan,and the number of"four top"enterprises in the county has reached more than 600...Honors have followed,data has proved its strength,and Guangrao's high-quality development has made great strides;
  In the past decade,as one of the top 100 counties and a major industrial county in China,Guangrao has faced certain pressure in promoting stable economic growth and improving quality and efficiency due to the intertwined long-term structural contradictions and short-term constraints of economic development.The unyielding Guangrao people have turned pressure into power,actively embraced new technologies and new formats,and embarked on the road of industrial transformation.
  Since Shandong Province was approved as the first comprehensive experimental zone for the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in China in January 2018,Guangrao has overcome the pain,broken the old and established the new,resolutely eliminated the outdated kinetic energy,improved the traditional kinetic energy,cultivated and strengthened the new kinetic energy,and made technological innovation,intelligent manufacturing,capacity integration With brand building as the starting point,we carried out a comprehensive and systematic industrial restructuring,and worked hard to find a new way for green,low-carbon and high-quality development with the determination of nirvana.
  Guangrao is known as the"Capital of Tires"and has always regarded the rubber tire industry as an important dominant industry.Since 2014,with the change of national industry and other policies,as well as higher and higher requirements for safety and environmental protection,the once brilliant tire industry has entered the"shuffle mode".In this regard,Guangrao County,on the one hand,started to set up a rubber tire industry development fund;on the other hand,it firmly grasped the opportunity of state-owned enterprise reform,accelerated enterprise merger and reorganization and capacity integration,and promoted industrial upgrading by grafting the capital,technology,market and management mode of state-owned enterprises.
  In June 2020,Guangrao County signed a contract with Zhejiang Wuchan Chemical Group.Zhejiang Wuchan Chemical Group regards Guangrao as the core area of its national rubber tire industry development layout,implements industrial intelligent transformation,cultivates first-line tire brands,and promotes the formation of an efficient and complete rubber tire industry ecology.After integration and reorganization,Guangrao tire industry has gone out of the development misunderstanding of"scattered,disordered and poor".The comprehensive capacity of six key enterprises represented by Hengfeng Rubber and Plastics,Huasheng Rubber,etc.accounts for nearly 80%of the total rubber tire capacity of Guangrao County.
  Enterprises that have experienced"reshuffle"understand the value of nirvana rebirth more,cherish the hard won development opportunities more,and are more deeply aware that to go far,they must have excellent technology and skills.
  Some time ago,Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group carried out a field test of its Kangpersen brand ultra quiet tires at Anhui Jianghuai Xingang Automobile Test Ground."The tire specification for this test is 235/45R18,which mainly conducts a comprehensive test on tire sliding noise and interior noise."Wang Xiaoming,the product technology director of Huasheng Rubber Group,introduced that the ultra quiet tire is a special sound absorbing polyurethane sound absorbing cotton insert layer added on the inner side of the tire,and is firmly bonded with a layer of sealing adhesive material,which can reduce the tire vibration caused by the road surface,effectively reduce the tire cavity noise,and significantly improve the driving comfort of the vehicle.
  As a rising star in the tire industry,Huasheng Rubber Group has always adhered to the route of"invigorating enterprises through science and technology and innovative development",committed to independent research and development of high-quality products,and gradually achieved curve overtaking."In order to narrow the price and quality gap with global famous brands,as a traditional tire enterprise,it is necessary to increase investment in scientific and technological research and development.The Group devotes more than 3%of its sales revenue to R&D and innovation every year,actively attracts high-level talents,creates an enterprise scientific and technological intelligence group,and provides all-round human and financial support for R&D and innovation."Zhao Ruiqing,general manager of the group,said.
  The leading level of scientific and technological innovation is the driving force for enterprises to maintain the"lead"trend,and is the"gas station"that supports the"continuity"of enterprises.Only by paying attention to the maintenance of"gas stations"can we generate a steady stream of momentum,which is a virtuous circle process and an unbreakable closed loop.Over the past decade,Guangrao County has deeply recognized this point in the painful transition from extensive growth to high-quality development,and has actively approached it,deeply implemented the innovation driven development strategy,enabling high-quality economic development in the county from the cultivation of innovation subjects,platform construction,industry university research cooperation and other aspects,and enlarging the role of science and technology in supporting and leading.
  The progress of science and technology requires both"from nothing to existence"and"from existence to excellence".In recent years,Guangrao County has continued to promote the"advantageous industry+artificial intelligence"and technological transformation project,made full use of existing resources to carry out technological innovation,optimize production capacity and output value,built a number of smart workshops and smart factories,and promoted the iterative upgrading and efficient development of leading industries through digital empowerment.
  To reshape the economic structure of a traditional industrial county,it is not only necessary to promote the high-end development of traditional industries,but also to embrace new technologies,new industries,new formats and new models to promote new economic growth points.In recent years,Guangrao has been looking for opportunities in danger,focusing on new materials,new energy,biomedicine and other fields,strengthening support and increasing investment.The"four new"economy has flourished,and emerging industries have become a new thrust for high-quality economic development.
  Founded in 2016,Shandong Hengpeng Sanitary Products Co., a representative enterprise of emerging industries in Guangrao County,and has maintained a good momentum of development.As the largest elastic non-woven fabric production base in China and the first"gazelle enterprise"in Guangrao County,Shandong Hengpeng Health Products Co.,Ltd.has built the first green and environment-friendly high-end medical and health elastic non-woven fabric project in China.Through independent research and development of the process formula,waste products have been avoided and the gap in this technical field has been filled in China.
  In Guangrao,"invisible champions"like Hengpeng have braved the wind and waves in the industrial development,opening up a vast blue ocean for transformation and upgrading.
  The real economy represents the hard power of a region,and the quantity and quality of enterprises are the most direct proof.Over the past ten years,Guangrao's enterprises have made progress in both quantity and quality.Relying on their persistent pursuit of new technologies and new concepts,their perseverance in"high,sophisticated and sophisticated",Guangrao's economy has constantly built a solid foundation for"stability"and achieved a breakthrough in"progress".