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Leaders of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology came to the company to conduct research and work safety supervision

  On May 26,a delegation led by Jing Shikuan,member of the Party Leadership Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology,and director of the Provincial Office of Science,Technology and Industry for National Defense,came to our company to carry out industrial economic operation research and work safety supervision.Wang Xuechun,Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and County Chief,and Zhang Zhijun,Deputy General Manager of the Group accompanied the investigation.
  During the survey,Jingshikuan and his delegation had a detailed conversation with Zhang Zhijun,the deputy general manager,to fully understand the production and operation,safety production and other conditions of the enterprise,and fully affirmed the measures taken by the company and the results achieved.At the same time,Jingshikuan pointed out that enterprises should seize the opportunity,increase R&D and innovation,take scientific and technological innovation as the fundamental driving force to plant development advantages,and promote scientific and technological research and development and achievements transformation.It is necessary to improve the awareness of safe production,tighten the string of safe production at all times,seriously carry out daily patrol inspection and hidden danger troubleshooting and governance,make every effort to prevent risks,safeguard stability,and create a safe and stable environment for the development of the company.