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Safety is no trivial matter, and the responsibility is heavier than the safety production inspection of Taishan Group

  In order to implement the important instructions of the CPC Central Committee,the State Council and emergency management departments at all levels on strengthening work safety,promote the implementation of the main responsibility of work safety,effectively prevent and contain major accidents,improve the intrinsic safety of Huasheng Rubber Group,and improve the business level of safety managers,the Group's HSE General Management Department took the lead in carrying out the Group's major inspection of work safety from June to September 2022.A special inspection team shall be established to carry out special inspections on safe electricity use,fire protection and sulfur storage area of gas cylinder,oil tank and gas tank respectively by means of factory self inspection and group key inspection in conjunction with the HSE Management Section of each factory.
  For the problems found in the inspection,it is required to formulate the rectification scheme and plan in a timely manner,make rectification within a time limit according to the priorities and categories,pay close attention to the implementation,make rectification in place,and do a good job in safety production.Through this major safety production inspection,the professional knowledge of safety officers was enhanced,hidden dangers were found in time and rectification was implemented,reducing the accident rate.
  In the next step,the HSE General Management Department will continue to improve the safety management system,promote quarterly special inspection,conduct comprehensive investigation and eliminate hidden dangers.In order to further strengthen the construction of the safety management team and improve the safety business capability,a series of special safety activities will be carried out to protect the safety development of Huasheng Rubber Group.