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● Supplying rubber products to the global market

● Import and export trade of conveyor belts, commercial vehicle tires, passenger vehicle tires and raw materials for tire production.

● Gather and exert our strength and wisdom to maintain our healthy development and continuous increment.

●The design of four longitudinal straight grooves has excellent guiding and drainage performance; lateral grooves and small steel grooves enhance the tire's grip and anti-skid performance
●Uniform grounding technology prevents partial wear and reduces ineffective wear
●The use of stone-removing structure can effectively protect the base of the tread,prevent stone inclusion, improve the puncture resistance of the crown, protect the carcass, reduce the failure rate, and extend the service life of the tire.
●Apply international advanced dynamic balance technology to prevent tire shaking at high speed.
●Low rolling resistance, good fuel and energy saving performance.
●Good dynamic balance performance, resistance to partial wear.

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