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● Supplying rubber products to the global market

● Import and export trade of conveyor belts, commercial vehicle tires, passenger vehicle tires and raw materials for tire production.

● Gather and exert our strength and wisdom to maintain our healthy development and continuous increment.

●Beautiful appearance pattern, special tread-line details , improve the grip on wet road,safe, comfortable and fuel saving.
●The design of four longitudinal straight ditches has excellent guiding performance,drainage performance and anti sliding performance.
●The high wear-resistant tread formula and four-layer belt layer design can completely improve the driving range in an all-round way; the widened shoulder can help to reduce the wear speed.
●Apply the international advanced dynamic balance technology to prevent the tire from shaking and uncomfortable at high speed.
●Good fuel and energy saving performance.
●Good dynamic balance performance, anti-eating and anti-eccentric wear.


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