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● Supplying rubber products to the global market

● Import and export trade of conveyor belts, commercial vehicle tires, passenger vehicle tires and raw materials for tire production.

● Gather and exert our strength and wisdom to maintain our healthy development and continuous increment.

Multi-pitch pattern design, combined with optimized pitch arrangement, effectively reduces noise during driving and improves driving quality;

Lightweight tire design, the application of new materials such as ultrahigh-strength steel wire and single winding bead wire, the tire product is lightweight, improves comfort, and reduces rolling resistance;

Three central ribs ensure the stability in straight driving, and the asym-metrical pattern design brings better handling;

The tread adopts a high-content white carbon black and solution poly-merized styrene-butadiene formula, which makes the tire have better wet braking performance and lower rolling resistance, which is safer and more energy-saving.

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