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SW Conveyor Belt

● Supplying rubber products to the global market

● Import and export trade of conveyor belts, commercial vehicle tires, passenger vehicle tires and raw materials for tire production.

● Gather and exert our strength and wisdom to maintain our healthy development and continuous increment.

“SW”is the abbreviation of“Straight Warp”,the straight-warp and straight-weft conveyor belt is a kind of fabric with different structure from EP fabric,its warp and weft lines are in different layers and are not interwoven,because the warp and weft lines are in a straight state,without shrinkage,and the strength efficiency of the warp and weft lines is the highest.This kind of fabric is composed of three layers,the middle layer is the warp,the upper and lower layers are the weft,and the warp and weft of each layer are linked together by suspender to form the fabric as a whole.

Due to the thin carcass,SW can be used with smaller pulley diameters than textile plied or steel cord belts.Straight-warp conveyor belts are used on heavy duty conveyors where resistance to the effects of heavy impacts and resistance to tearing are important characteristics,typically seen in quarrying,open cast mining and steel industries or in applications where heavy-duty and yet narrow belts are required,such as in tunneling.

Light Weight

To compare with the belts having the same grade of the tensile strength,the SW belt provides 10%~20%less weight,power saving to minimize the load of conveyor accessories,so as to reach the efficiency of saving power source and cost down.

Thin Fabric
Use one or two plies replace the multi-plies(EP)construction make total thickness 7%~17%thinner as increasing the strength smoothly.This can help the conveyor belt running smoothly under the smaller diameter conveyor pully.Each belt roll length can reach to 400~500m.

High Tensile Strength
Use a special weave type of high-denier fiber to raise the tensile strength of the fabric,reduce the working elongation and replace the Mulit-plies construciton belts,3 times greater than EP fabric conveyor belt.
Shock Absorb
The special construction of the Straight Warp provides more impact absorption,superior cut,and wear resistant carcass than EP or NN products,and increase the conveyor belt’s service life.

Great Tear and Puncture Resistance
5 times greater than EP fabric conveyor belt
The main SW fabric type are:SW350、SW400、SW500、SW630、SW800、SW1000、SW1250、SW1400、SW1600

Technical Characteristics:







SW400 x 1P

400 ↑

Abrasion Resistant


SW630 x 1P

600 ↑

Oil Resistant


SW800 x 1P

800 ↑

Flame Resistant


SW1000 x 1P

1000 ↑

Cold Resistant

Cement Plant

SW400 x 2P

800 ↑

Heat Resistant

Paper Industry

SW630 x 2P

1200 ↑

Impact Resistant


SW800 x 2P

1600 ↑

Chemical Resistant

Power Plant

SW1000 x 2P

2000 ↑

Anti-Static Resistant

Impact Conveying

Heavy Industry

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