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Empowering with knowledge and growing by self driving | | Huasheng Rubber Group organized special training for core employees to improve their professional abilities

2022-04-23 16:23

  As the old saying goes, "Every day is new, every day is new, and every day is new." Excellent people are always updating themselves, growing and making progress. In order to further improve the working level of the company's management backbone and technical backbone, since April, the group company has joined hands with Haina Intelligent Manufacturing Lecture Hall to hire a number of experts in the industry to carry out special training on capacity improvement in three aspects: "rapid cultivation of front-line backbone talents, independent maintenance and rapid maintenance of equipment, total quality management and quality cost reduction".

The first issue: Winning the War of Team Leaders: Rapid Cultivation of Key Talents in the Production Line

  From April 23 to 24, 170 managers above the level of section chief of each factory of the Group participated in the training in the meeting rooms of each factory. This training was led by Mr. Zhang Xiaoqiang. It mainly focused on empowerment management, excellence comes from cognition, competence cultivation, leadership cultivation, subordinate cultivation and motivation, and other management aspects, and combined with actual cases to launch a detailed explanation. After the training, each factory organized the team leaders and key personnel to conduct another training according to the actual situation, and achieved good results.

  The training further improved the comprehensive management level of the company's management personnel at all levels. It is also said that the training and learning will be a new starting point for management, actively improve their own management ability and comprehensive quality, optimize all work, and improve the cohesion and execution of the management team.

The second issue: Total Quality Management and Quality Cost Reduction

  From May 14 to 15, 205 management personnel above the level of section chief and relevant personnel of technology and quality departments in all factories of the Group participated in the training in the meeting rooms of all factories. This training was mainly taught by Mr. Ye Liping, focusing on total quality management, quality and cost, quality tools, solving complex problems, zero quality defects and combining actual cases.

  Through this special training, we will further strengthen the overall quality management of the Group's factories, improve the product quality, service quality and work quality, firmly establish the awareness of quality, responsibility and discipline violation, reduce the quality cost and comprehensively improve the quality management level.

Phase III: Trinity Comprehensive Equipment Management: Equipment Self preservation and Rapid Maintenance

  From May 28 to 29, 182 managers above the level of section chief and relevant personnel of technology and equipment departments of each factory participated in the training in the meeting rooms of each factory. This training was mainly taught by Xia Bing, mainly focusing on daily equipment maintenance, reverse check and prevention, rapid handling of equipment failures and actual case analysis.


Through this training, we further strengthened the overall equipment management of the Group's factories, improved the requirements of "zero accidents, zero unplanned downtime, zero speed loss, and zero waste" for product operating equipment, improved the requirements for equipment refinement, information, automation, and intelligence, and comprehensively improved the level of equipment management.

  Training is for better actual combat, and only actual combat can test the training effect
  Each two-day training adopts online live broadcast. Each training sub venue and each group actively interacts with each other. Each lecturer makes the whole training vivid through grounded explanation, actual case analysis, and real-time interaction with offline trainers. After class, everyone actively conducts learning review and shares learning experience to create a strong and relaxed learning atmosphere.

  After the training, in June, each factory and department organized and carried out the "online training review" activity according to the requirements of the Group Human Resources Center and the actual operation of each factory and department. The training participants further digested the management training content by writing the experience, training and learning report communication sheet, further improved the daily equipment management and innovation and transformation work through the equipment independent improvement proposal form, and further improved the product quality management work through the quality training summary, so as to maximize the training effect.


  The greatest enemy is never others, but yesterday's own. "Renew your thinking and keep pace with the times", "Renew your skills and continue to improve", "Renew your circle and make friends on the basis of kindness". Only when you have the courage to break yourself and reshape yourself can you embrace future changes. Next, all factories and departments of the Group will further actively analyze the existing shortcomings in the current work site and study how to improve them by holding special work seminars, so as to truly transform the learning into "nutrition" and combine the actual work, so that learning can be used, and promote the Company's comprehensive management to a new level!