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Welcome the New Era of the Twentieth National Congress of the Communist Party of China | Huasheng Rubber Group's special summer party in 2022 was successfully held

2022-08-23 16:39

  In order to welcome the successful convening of the 20th National Congress and further enrich the cultural life of the masses, on the evening of August 23, the special summer party of Huasheng Rubber Group, "Welcoming the 20th National Congress and Praising the New Era", was successfully held in Dawang Town Cultural Plaza. The audience from surrounding communities, villages, enterprises and Huasheng workers' representatives gathered together to watch the cultural feast at home.

  The whole party gathered songs, musical instruments, dance, magic, songs, crosstalk, acrobatics and other forms of performance art to show our new life in the new era. The party kicked off in the opening dance "Navigating the New Era", which ignited the enthusiasm of the audience on the scene, triggered a strong resonance of the audience on the scene "praising the new era", and won warm applause.

  A series of programs came on the stage in turn. The actors devoted themselves, sang and danced, expressed their passion with brilliant performances, and drew the curtain in the song and dance "Our New Era", which was unanimously praised on the scene. We had a beautiful and unforgettable night together.
  After the evening party, Guo Han, the propaganda member of Dawang Town, Song Shiwen, the deputy general manager of Huasheng Rubber Group and other leaders took a group photo as a souvenir.

Program 1: Opening dance "Navigating the New Era"


Program 2: The song "Steaming Up"

Program 3: Instrumental accompaniment of Youth Waltz


Program 4: Song and dance "Well off Time"


Program 5: Magic Legend


Program 6: Classic Selections


Program 7: The song "Follow the Party Forever"


Program 8: Crosstalk


Program 9: Singing and dancing "Praise the New Era"


Program 10: Acrobatics Gathering Strength


Program 11: The song "War Horse Pentium"


Program 12: End the song and dance "Our New Era"