Social responsibility

Huasheng Rubber Group organized party members to carry out the party building activity of "welcoming July 1st, thanking the party for keeping its original intention"

2022-06-30 16:26

  In order to welcome the 101st anniversary of the founding of the CPC and deeply study and implement the important spirit of the group company's party building work, on the morning of June 30, Huasheng Party Branch and Hongsheng Science and Technology Party Branch of Huasheng Rubber Group organized more than 60 on-the-job party members and activists to join the party, and carried out the party building activity of "Greeting July 1, feeling grateful for the party and keeping the original heart".

  Visit Hongwei Old Factory, Hongrun Conveyor Belt Workshop and Hongsheng Technology Factory


Inherit and carry forward the excellent character of the older generation, feel the spirit of hard struggle of the older generation Huasheng people, remember the hardships of entrepreneurship, cherish the present, further improve the work style, and constantly improve the ability to love and work.

  Visit General Zhang Taiheng Memorial Hall

  Learn the spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries who fought bravely for the cause of communism and made selfless contributions to the interests of the people throughout their lives. At the same time, we should carry forward the lofty morality and fine style of the CPC people who stand firm, are not afraid of difficulties, and are strict with themselves.

  Watch red documentaries and sing a red song to the Party

  Recalling the eventful years, we will further deepen the study and education of the Party history, follow the example of our revolutionary predecessors, strengthen our faith, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and cherish the hard won prosperity of our motherland today. Always ask yourself to always maintain the progressiveness nature of the Communist Party members, always maintain the enthusiasm for work, constantly promote the development of work, and strive for excellence in the post.
  "Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China..." The song "Without the Communist Party, there will be no new China" is inspiring, inspiring, and expresses the infinite love for the party and the country.

  Review the oath of joining the Party

  It is not only a commemoration of the 101st anniversary of the Party, but also a profound party spirit education for all members to solemnly swear and review the oath of joining the Party. Encourage new party members to actively practice the oath with their own practical actions, let old party members review their ideological passion and pursuit of struggle when applying for membership, and review their solemn commitment and firm determination when taking the oath.

  Finally, Zhang Yuliang, Vice Chairman of the Group and Secretary of Hongsheng Science and Technology Party Branch, called on the Group's party members and cadres and front-line backbones in the summary of this party building activity. First, they should not forget their original intention and remember their mission. A happy life is hard won. Employment is the greatest livelihood. Facing an increasingly complex market competition environment, we will continue to adhere to the concept that "the greatest social responsibility of an enterprise is to run the company well". Through the realization of this goal, more than 5800 employees of Huasheng can live a happier life, gain spiritual gains and meet material needs. Second, Party members and cadres are "a banner". It seems trivial to be a good flag, but it can actually lead the work direction of all departments and employees around the Group. We should carefully study the "Ten Rules" of Huasheng's managers' self-discipline consensus. First, we should learn to be grateful to the company, respect the superiors, treat employees kindly, and face ourselves squarely in various occasions. Party members and cadres of the Group Company should give full play to the role of model and leadership, keep in mind the requirement of "always being at ease", actively expose problems, identify problems, pool ideas, and strive to solve problems, and strive to be an example of learning and improving, and strive to be an example of team cooperation. Third, pay close attention to execution and constantly optimize the work process. At present, Huasheng Company is in a new stage of high-quality development. Whether various special work can achieve good results and transform into comprehensive benefits, process optimization is the premise, and execution is the key. Practical work is ability, and implementation is level. All of us should take the lead in setting an example, set an example, and actively guide our colleagues in the department to be an aggressive and responsible person, a person who is constantly innovative and good at doing things, closely follow the pace of the group company, unify ideas, inspire spirit, stick to the post, scrupulously perform their duties, be strict in discipline, obey the command, and do their own work well.