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Huasheng Rubber Group organized to participate in the county wide staff chorus competition of "welcoming the 20th CPC National Congress and celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of Guangrao Labor Union"

2022-08-13 16:28

  On the evening of August 12, the county staff chorus competition of "Welcoming the Twentieth National Congress of the Party and Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Guangrao Trade Union", sponsored by the County Federation of Trade Unions in conjunction with the Publicity Department of the County Party Committee, the County Culture and Tourism Bureau and Guangrao Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, was grandly held in the National Fitness Center of Guangrao County. Seventeen excellent teams were selected to participate in the final, including only two tire enterprises. The competition track of the group company is the newly compiled mixed voice chorus "No Communist Party, No New China". The choir is composed of 62 staff representatives from all departments of the group. It participated in the county-level chorus competition for the first time and finally obtained an excellent score of 96.09 points.

  Carefully organize and implement
  On July 30, the Administrative Office of the Group organized the staff registration and selection, and selected the soprano, contralto, tenor and bass. Since August 1, every afternoon, without affecting the daily work, we will concentrate on rehearsing songs in Huasheng Rubber Conference Room, assign special personnel to take charge of the logistics support work such as signing in and signing out of rehearsal personnel, on-site audio equipment debugging, venue organization and arrangement, to ensure the smooth progress of rehearsal and competition.

  To overcome difficulties through repeated tempering

During the ten days of rehearsal, Mr. Liu Dong and all the instructors did their best to provide detailed guidance on all aspects of our vocal skills, articulation, harmony, etc., from "zero basis" to singing skills, body state, and expression management. In order to master the singing and harmony skills in a short time, the chorus members devote themselves to the program rehearsal. They give up the time to accompany their families and children, and even some members insist on rehearsal when they are ill. They do not give up every learning opportunity to ensure that all members are present at each rehearsal, and constantly improve their chorus level and that of the team.

  Sing loudly and dedicate the motherland's solidarity and centripetal force to do pioneering work

We dedicate our songs to the Party, express our deep feelings for the Party and our love for the country, fully demonstrate the uplifting spirit of Huasheng people, as well as the team spirit of unity and cooperation and taking the overall situation into account, and jointly wish the motherland a better tomorrow!

(Attached with live video of chorus competition)

Steady, steady and hardworking! Under the strong leadership of the CPC, the two party branches of Shandong Huasheng Rubber Group, taking the revolutionary predecessors as examples, firmly believed in the revolution, carried forward the revolutionary spirit, never forgot the original intention, and kept the mission in mind. More than 140 party members of the Group Company always maintain the progressiveness nature of the Communist Party members, always maintain the enthusiasm for work, play a leading role in all posts, and promote the continuous, healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise.