Social responsibility

The Group Company held a meeting on the launch of activities to visit front-line employees and the deployment of management improvement

2022-08-09 16:36

  In order to further create a positive, united and harmonious working atmosphere for employees, improve the overall quality of managers, correctly guide employees' ideological progress, love their jobs, promote the harmony of labor relations, and improve the management mechanism. On the morning of August 9, a meeting was held in the Huasheng Rubber Conference Room for the launch of activities and the deployment of management improvement for visiting front-line employees. The meeting was chaired by Yan Linchun, director of the Group's Administrative Office, and attended by Wang Aiwen, chairman's office. A total of 68 people attended the meeting, including factory ministers, some section chiefs, and excellent representatives of team leaders.

  Dong Yalin, the Human Resources Center of the Group, read out the Ten Self discipline Consensus of Huasheng Managers, the Implementation Plan for Staff Visit and Comfort Activities, and the Implementation Plan for High Temperature Crew Care Activities.

  Participants learned on site and signed the Ten Promises of Huasheng Managers' Self discipline Consensus

  Li Pengjie, Assistant General Manager of Huasheng Factory and Director of Production Department of No. 2 Factory; Qin Anyang, Assistant General Manager of Hongsheng Science and Technology Factory and Head of Production Department, as the management representative, made a speech and shared management experience with the visiting front-line employees.

  Wang Aiwen emphasized the problems and key work deployment in the work, and proposed the following requirements:

If the wind is clear, the Qi will be positive. If the Qi is regular and the heart is aligned, everything will be successful. As managers, we should bear hardships first and enjoy ourselves

In the rear, in the front of the charge and in the back of the retreat, there should be a sense of responsibility, mission, unity and crisis. At present, there are still many problems in management: bureaucracy is prominent; Lazy management, lazy management, good people's thinking; Prevarication, bravado, etc. To improve, we must face up to the problems. If there are problems, we are not afraid of them. What we fear is that we dare not even want to face up to the existing problems. We should make self-criticism, self-examination and self rectification a normal form of cadre management.

1. As a management department and manager, we should give full play to the role of "connecting the preceding and the following". "Top" should timely convey leadership opinions, actively implement the relevant provisions of the Group. "Bottom" should do a good job in all security work for front-line workers, resolutely put an end to "top only, not sinking", and strictly prohibit taking cards and bureaucratism.

2. We should overcome management inertia, have a positive attitude towards work, and dare to change and innovate. We should actively explore new ways to solve problems, and correct inefficient management behaviors; Take the initiative, dare to take responsibility, and avoid thinking of good people. We should actively listen to the opinions of many parties, and listen to both sides to make things clear, and believe in one side to make things dark. We should put an end to one-sided blocking of self cognition, and actively understand the problems existing in the actual operation through multiple channels.

3. It is necessary to enhance service awareness, take the initiative to go deep into the "front-line", timely insight into the work demands of front-line employees, constantly improve the working environment to meet the demands of employees, be fair and equitable, and improve employee satisfaction.

4. We should be good at grasping the root of the problem. In fact, shifting responsibility is irresponsible; When encountering problems in the actual management process, we should take a firm attitude, not avoid the problem itself, take solving the problem as the starting point, and define the subject of responsibility; Grasp the key points to solve the problems and unite as a rope to enhance the cohesion of management.

Finally, let's encourage everyone with one sentence: we should learn to be grateful for our company, leaders, employees and ourselves! Be conscientious, diligent, enterprising and firm!

  Finally, Director Yan Linchun emphasized on how to understand and implement the spirit of the meeting, mainly emphasizing that the management personnel should be honest and clean, link the preceding with the following, automatically and spontaneously overcome management inertia, enhance the service awareness of front-line employees, and the management should dare to challenge the responsibility consciousness. After the meeting, all the managers seriously reflected on the problems in their work, carried out criticism and self-criticism, and made corrections if necessary, and encouraged others if not. We should carefully study and deeply understand the spirit of this meeting, constantly improve our ideological quality, strictly require ourselves everywhere, and be a department leader who does not complain about his work, has responsibility, has strong execution, really pays attention to practical work, reassures leaders, and convinces employees.

  By holding this meeting, the management personnel will first achieve unity of thought and unity of action in the staff's condolence visit activities, and complete the task of this condolence visit with high quality. Secondly, through joint learning, we can make up for deficiencies in management, strengthen our sense of responsibility, responsibility and crisis, change our ideas and work style, so that we can make common progress, grow rapidly, keep up with the development of the Group and make greater contributions to the development of the Company.