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Seize the day and live up to Shaohua Huasheng Rubber Group's second summer social practice activity for the children of employees has achieved complete success

2022-07-15 16:31

  On the morning of July 15, the Group's second summer social practice activity kick-off meeting for employees' children was officially launched in the meeting room on the fourth floor of the Group. Since July 7, each factory has organized registration according to the implementation plan formulated and issued by the Group Administration Office, and finally determined that a total of 17 qualified college students will participate in this social practice activity, and signed a practice activity agreement with college students. The Human Resources Center of the Group has arranged suitable practical posts according to the majors of college students and their parents' departments, and assigned special personnel to help them improve their work and life and solve their worries.

  After a month of practical activities, the second summer social practice activity for employees' children was successfully completed on the afternoon of August 15, and an activity summary meeting was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Group. The meeting was chaired by Yan Linchun, director of the Group's administrative office. A total of 22 people attended the meeting, including 13 on-the-job practical college students, representatives of students' parents, representatives of the Group's Human Resources Center and related factories in charge of human resources, and Wang Aiwen, chairman's office.

  At the meeting, Yan Linchun, director of the group's administrative office, first expressed his affirmation on behalf of the group leaders on the work performance and achievements of all college students during the practice period.

  On behalf of Yang Gang and Yan Lijie, college students expressed their own views on the feelings and gains of this practice activity. For the first time, they felt the difficulties of their parents' work when they were in their parents' working environment, and said that they would study harder and repay their parents with excellent results in the future. During one month's practice, I combined my knowledge with practice to improve and consolidate my professional ability; In daily work, I felt the warmth from Huasheng's big family, felt the positive work spirit and exercised my interpersonal communication ability; At the same time, it also lays a solid foundation for my future work, which is a very rare opportunity and a very valuable asset in my life experience.

  Later, Zhang Meiying, the representative of college students' parents, and Gao Shuguang, on behalf of their children's parents, expressed their gratitude for the practical opportunities provided by the group company to the children, and expressed their parents' messages and encouragement to the children. Li Wei, HR director of Heda, made a speech as a representative, saying that everyone worked hard and positively in their posts, and wished everyone a bright future and lived up to their youth.

  Wang Aiwen from the Chairman's Office of the Group affirmed the work achievements of everyone in the process of practice and answered the questions raised by everyone. He said that the social practice of college students has injected fresh blood into the company and brought fresh ideas. He hoped that more college students would participate in the follow-up social practice activities in the future, and wished that the college students present would make outstanding achievements in their future work and study, Congratulations on the successful completion of the second summer social practice activity for the children of employees!

  Next, the company issued the "Excellent Student Certificate" to the college students with outstanding work performance, and issued the "first bucket of gold" earned through practical activities on the spot. At the same time, the company also distributed the prize backpacks and water cups to the college students.

  At last, Director Yan Linchun made a summary speech: through this practice activity, all college students further understood Huasheng's development process and corporate culture, and gained new achievements. From this, they can see their own shortcomings, and also understand the difficulty of making money. They understand their parents' hardships, and they should work harder and complete their studies when they return to school. They also hope that all students can return to Huasheng after graduation and work together for development, Create Huasheng great cause together.