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Recall the original intention | | Huasheng Rubber Group held a forum for veterans to celebrate the August 1st Army Day

2022-08-01 16:33

  In order to celebrate the 95th anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army, on the morning of August 1, the Group Company organized veterans' representatives from various factories to hold a symposium on the celebration of the August 1 Army Day in the conference room of Huasheng Rubber Factory. Yan Linchun, Director of the Group's Administrative Office, presided over the symposium and delivered a speech. More than 70 veterans' representatives from all factories of the Group attended the symposium.

  At the meeting, Director Yan Linchun, on behalf of the leaders of the Group, extended his holiday greetings to everyone and expressed his sincere thanks to everyone for their long and unknown contributions to the development of the Company! At the same time, I also hope that all veterans will bring to their posts the good ideas, good traditions and good styles of organization and discipline, rigorous work style, serious work attitude, and not afraid of hardship, brave to work hard, and dare to contribute, and make outstanding achievements with practical actions to implement the value of soldiers; We should study hard in our own posts, study business knowledge hard, constantly improve our business level and work ability, work solidly, do our job well, love our job and be dedicated to it, actively play a leading role in our work, temper and cultivate ourselves in practice, and influence and educate the staff around us with practical actions.

  Next, three veterans' representatives spoke on the stage, recalling their passionate military career, telling about their experience, feelings and growth from the military camp to the company, and paying high tribute to all veterans present.

  At the symposium, everyone spoke freely in a harmonious atmosphere, recalled the past, talked about revolutionary feelings, looked forward to the company's development, exchanged work experience, and jointly celebrated the 95th anniversary of the founding of the army. At the same time, they expressed their gratitude for the company's care and concern, and unanimously expressed that they would always maintain the fine style of the army, maintain the military's true character, continue to carry forward the spirit of "never retreat from the military, never fade from the military" The spirit of obeying the command in all actions will be continued to their own posts, making their own contributions to the high-quality development of the Group Company.

  “Solidarity is strength, this force is iron, and this force is steel... "" The sun goes down, the red clouds fly in the west, the soldiers return to the camp by shooting targets, the red flowers reflect the rosy clouds, and the happy songs fly all over the sky... "The veterans sing loudly and enthusiastically to show their heroic deeds. The August 1 Symposium also ended with singing.

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At present, there are 158 veterans in all factories and logistics of the Group. Now, we gather in Huasheng, a big family, and are deeply concerned about the development of Huasheng Rubber Group. They share the same fate and heart to heart with Huasheng. Some have become the middle managers of the company, and some have become the main engine, auxiliary engine and other important positions in the production line. They have become the backbone of the company's development and played a leading role in various positions, We have turned the fine traditions and style of work of the armed forces into down-to-earth actions. Inherit and carry forward the revolutionary tradition and fine style of the army, maintain the fine quality of the soldiers, give play to their advantages, take the lead in setting an example, work solidly, strive and dedicate, and successfully complete various tasks.

In the next step, the Group will gradually increase the training of veterans in terms of talent construction, so that more employees with outstanding performance in the production line can be added to the management team, so that everyone can realize their own value in important positions.